Is "The Last Of Us" overrated ?


Posted by johnnyoch | Posted on Thursday, July 25, 2013

For gamers out there , specially for those who own the Playstation 3 . Who would have miss the hype about stores around the country running out of stocks for this  Sony exclusive game " The Last Of Us " . Gaming stores like Datablitz and  Itech ,  (Online Buy and Sell website) and SM Department stores were all out of stock . My experience  was unforgettable . I had to call every branch (NCR branches)  of Datablitz for 2 straight days  just to inquire availability of the said game title . And guess what , i failed . No game. No luck .

For the demo of the game , check this youtube video :
Last Of Us Demo

One weekend , i decided to go to SM Makati to search again for the game (that is what you call determination!) After hours of searching , still nothing . But then i tried checking a store that i had less chance of checking , TOY KINGDOM. Who would have thought , that i will be finding the game, yes! that exclusive game in a store wherein ang mindset ko ay most of the items they sell are for kids . Kainis! Dun lang pala . With no hesitation , i bought the game since they only have 2 pieces . Price is around 2,300 pesos for the steel case edition  .

My Steel Case Edition

Well, i played the game and finished it in 2 days . I also finished the game in different difficulties , also tried multiplayer , it was like Counterstrike (PC GAME) . For me , it was GREAT  but not THAT GREAT . Nabitin sa story . Overrated . Looking forward sa sequel which i think will be 2-3 years from now and will be available on the Playstation 4 . #jazsaying#  Not much of a collector here , so i SOLD the game last week  for 1,500 . Heheheh...after all the hype at hirap sa paghahanap binenta ko din...

No regrets naman .. Joel and Ellie..Napasaya niyo naman ako...Na-attach naman ako sa story nio...

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